Best Tracking Websites of COVID-19 in Austria

Coronavirus is a dangerous disease which is caused by a new virus. Its starting symptoms are the same as compared to flu. These symptoms are illness, fatigue, fever, cough and irritation in its respiratory process. To protect yourself you have to keep a minimum 3 feet gap from the affected people, wash hands, use sanitizers and must avoid touching your nose with your hands so that you can stay safe from this virus.

Austria is also heavily affected by this virus, having more than 13,500 total cases with over 319 deaths till now. You can find these figures online from any authentic website.

In this article, we will make a list of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Austria.

  1. TrackCov19 – Dashboard for Coronavirus
  2. HealthMap
  3. IntegrationsFonds
  4. Track Corona – Coronavirus Live Tracking
  5. Worldometers


When you go online, you will find many different websites that are providing data about coronavirus pandemic. But most of these websites are unofficial and provide misleading data just for keeping you unaware of the situation. The remaining sites that provide the correct data extract these data from some official global sites like World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University dashboards or Health map.

HealthMap is an official site that provides data about the medical condition of the planet. This site provides visual data in the form of maps. You can find the data about your country from this site. Along with the visual data this site also shows the statistical data in which the numbers of affected people etc is given.

In Austria, Healthmap is one of the best tracking websites of COVID-19. One can easily visit this site and acquire the desired data regarding the outbreak of COVID-19. This site does not demand any kind of registration. 

IntegrationsFonds is an official tracking website of COVID-19 in Austria. This site offers news in 16 different languages. One can select the language which he can understand. Like other countries, Austria is also facing the outbreak of COVID-19. This website provides information about all the latest cases of coronavirus in Austria.

The government of Austria is taking every possible measure to stop the further spreading of this virus. Information about every step taken against the coronavirus outbreak by the Government of Austria is available on this site. The site does not require registration but one can subscribe by providing its valid email and get notified by every latest update regarding this virus.


Worldometers is one of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Austria. This is the site where you can find all the information regarding coronavirus patients in Austria. Worldometers is an international website that provides the most accurate and trust able figures of people who are affected by a coronavirus. This site also provides many different graphs regarding coronavirus like growth rate etc. These graphs help in determining future conditions and situations. Let’s have a look at a recent situation in Austria due to a coronavirus outbreak.

According to this site, more than 13,549 cases of coronavirus are present in Austria. The current statistics are 13,549 total cases, +305 new cases, 319 total deaths, +24 new deaths, 6,064 total recoveries and 7,166 total active cases of coronavirus in Austria.

The government of Austria is going to increase the fund of Coronavirus from 4 billion euros to 38 billion euros to overcome the crisis due to the outbreak of COVID-19. is the live tracker of the coronavirus in Europe. This site gets the data from many trust able sources.

Many other unofficial websites get the data of coronavirus infected people from the mentioned websites or any other global websites. All of these websites are working to make people aware of the current situation due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

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